Extra, Extra: Student Shyness, Winter Misery, and Front-Yard Luging




Extra, Extra: Student Shyness, Winter Misery, and Front-Yard Luging

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  • University of Toronto student Wongene Daniel took his case to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal when a professor lowered his grade because he hadn’t come to class. The reason he hadn’t attended his Women and Gender Studies course? It was full of women, and he was shy. The OHRT, though, rejected his complaint: “The applicant has not satisfied me that his claimed discomfort in a classroom of women requires accommodation under the [Ontario Human Rights] Code,” explained adjudicator Mary Truemner.
  • If you’re already feeling nostalgic about how terrible the weather was earlier today, and are for some reason not able to just focus on how terrible the weather is right now, you can relive the snowy misery of this morning through the Globe‘s photo gallery (of people looking very cold, walking through snow, looking at lists of cancelled flights, etc.) or its time-lapse video (of people looking very cold and walking very rapidly through snow).
  • Many good and decent people respond to unpleasant weather by cancelling social engagements, stockpiling snacks, and settling in with whichever Netflix offering seems most capable of sustaining three straight days of viewing; there is at least one good and decent person, though, who has dealt with winter by building a 50-foot luge track in his front yard.

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