Extra, Extra: Presto Problems, Bob Marley Day, and Snowy Pandas




Extra, Extra: Presto Problems, Bob Marley Day, and Snowy Pandas

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  • The TTC bills the Presto fare system as “a convenient new way to pay for transit fares.” Unfortunately, some customers associate it with phrases like “that is $60 I will never see again”—riders have been complaining of balances lower than they should be, disappearing cash top-ups, and malfunctioning card readers.
  • It was Bob Marley Day in Toronto today. Mayor Rob Ford issued a proclamation to that effect, and even if you don’t live in Toronto, you might have heard about it. That’s because Rob Ford is now so internationally known that he when he does something like proclaim February 6 Bob Marley Day, the story ends up in USA Today.
  • Yesterday, Toronto was hit by 28 centimetres of snow, or six centimetres more than the city usually sees in the entire month of February. This was problematic for people who wanted to travel places, or remain warm and dry while outside, or see actual sky, but it was a source of great delight for the Zoo’s panda, Da Mao—and we can probably all agree that’s important.
  • The fact that Loblaws will be opening in Kensington Market has a lot of local residents concerned; the battle over Loblaws, though, is the just the latest in a series of showdowns over the future of the neighbourhood, as the map in this article illustrates.

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