Extra, Extra: Madonna's Toronto Workout, Pride Flag Protests, and Cubs Who Won't Remain Nameless




Extra, Extra: Madonna’s Toronto Workout, Pride Flag Protests, and Cubs Who Won’t Remain Nameless

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  • Why bother working out in any old non-celebrity-endorsed gym when you could sweat the pounds away in a gym endorsed by a 55-year-old star with the freakishly fit body of a much younger star? Madonna will be in Toronto tonight for the opening of her new “luxury gym brand,” Hard Candy Fitness. And while she’s there, she’ll be leading a class called Addicted to Sweat—which sounds more like a Robert Palmer song from the mid ’80s.
  • Concerned parents and young people turned up at City Hall today to show their support for City Hall’s flying of the Pride flag, and to express their disapproval with Mayor Rob Ford, who demanded the flag be taken down. Mayor Ford did not meet with them, but his brother Doug popped by and said, “That’s your democratic right, and I’m glad to see you ladies down here” and “We could bring a thousand mothers down in favour of Rob.”
  • The Toronto Zoo’s polar bear cub has been doing many things, all of them cute: implausibly adorable videos posted to the Zoo’s Facebook page show him taking his first steps, encountering snow for the first time, eating out of a very large bowl…But there’s one milestone he has not yet achieved: he doesn’t have a name. So the Zoo is holding a “Name Our Cub” contest, and you can help decide whether he should be known henceforth as something like Humphrey, or Orson, or James. None of the options is particularly striking, but we suppose “Polar Vortex” would be a challenging name with which to saddle a little cub.

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