Extra, Extra: Gridlock Meetings, Whiteout Driving, and Frozen Pipes




Extra, Extra: Gridlock Meetings, Whiteout Driving, and Frozen Pipes

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  • Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly hosted a meeting about gridlock today at City Hall. Apparently, he initially indicated the meeting would be open to all members of council. But then today, he said it was a private affair, and one of Rob Ford’s policy advisors was asked to leave. Ford’s camp was not pleased by this development. This is all just more proof that City Hall is not in the least divided and not at all like high school.
  • It can’t hurt, especially in light of the almost implausibly large pileup on Highway 400 yesterday, to familiarize yourself with winter-driving techniquesyou know, the things you should instinctively rely on when “a wall of snow envelops your vehicle, cutting visibility to a few feet.”
  • The cold isn’t just taking a toll on our moods and our extremities: “Unusually cold weather is freezing the ground below the frost line, causing watermains to break more frequently and the underground pipes that bring water to homes to freeze,” reads a cheery news release from the City of Toronto. After picking up some winter-driving tips from the article mentioned above, why not read this news release to pick up some tips on how to avoid frozen pipes in your home? You could spend the rest of the winter learning many interesting and useful things about how to deal with the challenges of winter.

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