Extra, Extra: Government Tweets, Historic Canadian Pets, and Beloved Super Bowl Dogs


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Extra, Extra: Government Tweets, Historic Canadian Pets, and Beloved Super Bowl Dogs

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The Globe Kittens. Artist: Ernest J. Rowley. 1906. Part of the Canadian Copyright Collection held by the British Library, and available through Wikimedia Commons.

  • What do you get when you take 140 characters and then add weeks of planning, dozens of public servants, various stages of review and revision, and a 12-step protocol? One single government tweet.
  • Over 3,000 images from the British Library Colonial Copyright Collection—a collection of Canadian photographs spanning the years 1895 and 1924—are now being digitized, thanks to a partnership between the British Library and Wikimedia Commons. We mention this in part because these photos will provide us with a fascinating glimpse into the lives, habits, and priorities of an age now long past—but mostly because a good number of them happen to feature shots of the adorable animal friends of earlier generations of Canadians.
  • Like their 1890s-1920s counterparts, present-day Canadians are discriminating and soft-hearted and enjoy the spectacle of an adorable puppy doing something adorable—which is why the Super Bowl commercial that trampled all over viewers’ hearts much in the way the Seahawks trampled all over the Broncos was that Budweiser one about the little dog and his horse companion. It was Americans who officially voted it the best commercial of the night, but we’re willing to bet the same nation that gloried in photos of cats with their heads inside gramophones back in 1909 also responded well to a touching story of dog-horse love in 2014.

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