Extra, Extra: Crazy Town Goes Late Night, Solo Rowers, and Slushy Messes



Extra, Extra: Crazy Town Goes Late Night, Solo Rowers, and Slushy Messes

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Photo by NeilH_TO, from the Torontoist Flickr pool.

  • Star reporter Robyn Doolittle appeared on the Daily Show last night to explain Rob Ford to a concerned, bemused, and perplexed Jon Stewart. He seemed no less concerned, bemused, or perplexed when she revealed that the Ford family likes to think of itself as “the Canadian Kennedys.” As in the past when discussing our mayor, Stewart mixed talk show–host jokiness—”[he’s] an entire season of a Cops episode”—with expressions of what sounded like genuine concern: “This man is going to die, and probably relatively soon.”
  • However old you are, there is always some person doing something way more intrepid than whatever you’re doing: even when you’re, say, 60, and thinking you’re pretty active and enterprising, there’ll be a guy like sixty-year-old Torontonian Jean-Guy Sauriol doing stuff like completing 74-day-long solo rows across the Atlantic.
  • Ice and snow, especially when there is a great deal of each, can make driving and walking unpleasant and difficult: what makes doing anything on a street even more unpleasant is mixing the ice and snow up with a whole lot of gushing water. A water main break near St. Clair and Dufferin last night resulted in an “icy and slushy mess” and in flooded backyards and basements.

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