Police Investigating Rob Ford's Ranting Death-Threat Video




Police Investigating Rob Ford’s Ranting Death-Threat Video

Kathy Ford's former partner Scott MacIntyre claims in court filing that he was the intended target.


Toronto police have been investigating the video, featuring an agitated and threatening Rob Ford, since it first surfaced in November, police sources have told the Star. They’ve been working to establish where, when, and by whom it was made—and to ascertain the identity of the man the mayor is heard threatening to kill.

Court papers recently filed by Kathy Ford’s former partner Scott MacIntyre allege that it was MacIntyre the mayor was referring to when he promised to “rip his fucking throat out” and “make sure that motherfucker’s dead”—and that the video was filmed at the home of Payman Aboodowleh, a former football coaching associate of Ford’s, shortly before MacIntyre suffered a beating in jail. MacIntyre’s lawsuit claims he was attacked because he had threatened to reveal details about the mayor’s criminal connections and drug use.

Detectives with Project Brazen 2, the police squad that was assembled after the crack video was made public in May 2013, have not interviewed MacIntyre, although they will do so if and when he files a formal complaint.

The police have not revealed whether they’ve made any progress on this video-related investigation—and Rob Ford has yet to comment on the allegations contained in Scott MacIntyre’s statement of claim.