Newsstand: January 13, 2014




Newsstand: January 13, 2014

How about those Golden Globes, amirite? So golden! Not that global, though. In the news: Neil Young is touring to support the First Nations struggle against oil sands exploitation, Rob Ford tied one on without causing too much trouble, America doesn't want Ford either, a letter from the Toronto Star has caused consternation among politicians, and some great moments from last night's awards show.

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Canadian icon Neil Young’s Sunday show at Massey Hall kicked off a brief tour, entitled “Honour the Treaties,” in support of First Nations groups fighting oil sands development. Young has recently toured oil sands sites in Alberta and spoken to First Nations groups, and is a vocal critic of the federal government’s approach to resource extraction. “I see a government completely out of control,” Young said of the Harper government, “and money is number one. Integrity isn’t even on the map.” The tour is meant to support several First Nations groups, one of which is the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation, which is fighting the Jackpine mine that Shell Canada recently received approval to build.

Rob Ford went to Muzik on Saturday night to hang out with the beautiful people. Everyone at the nightclub seems to have enjoyed his presence, and many people took to social media with photos and comments. As of yet, there are no reports of his infamous inappropriate behaviour, such as uttering racist slurs or trying to fight his own staff members. Seems like it was just a fun night out for everyone involved.

Since January 3, there has been a petition on the White House’s website to have Rob Ford declared an American citizen, but it doesn’t seem bound for success. Petitions need to garner 100,000 signatures before they are addressed by the White House, and this particular one had only 19 on Monday morning. interested readers can take a look or sign the petition here.

The Toronto Star is dealing with criticism over a letter it sent to several “civic leaders” asking their opinions on Rob Ford. Among those upset about the move is Thornhill MP Peter Kent, a Conservative. Kent responded to the letter with a refusal to answer, and called the request “a crudely crafted, veiled threat that I (and others) endorse an editorial column written by Torstar Chair John Honderich … or face consequences in your eventual story.” The Star’s letter mentioned that it would print the responses of everyone contacted, and if they did not respond that would be included also. Still, Kent’s response seems a bit strong: to call the letter a “threat” and claim he fears facing “consequences” is a bit excessive. The Star published the story on Saturday.

And finally, here are the CBC’s five most memorable moments of last night’s Golden Globes awards show.

CORRECTION: January 13, 2014, 8:45 AM This post originally stated that the Star had not yet published the article about civic leaders’ opinions on Rob Ford. It was published Saturday. We regret the error.