Extra, Extra: Toronto's Williamsburg, Vitriolic Threats, and Winter Fatigue


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Extra, Extra: Toronto’s Williamsburg, Vitriolic Threats, and Winter Fatigue

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Photo by funkaoshi, from the Torontoist Flickr pool.

  • If you live in the West Queen West neighbourhood, you’re probably feeling pretty chuffed right now—turns out, that’s the part of our city that most closely resembles the hipster heartland (which is Williamsburg, Brooklyn, obviously). But if you live in either the Junction or Roncesvalles, don’t despair: those are the parts of our city that are almost worthy of being known as Toronto’s answer to Williamsburg.
  • When you read the words “once considered a rising star in the Republican Party,” you just know they won’t be followed by, “he has never disgraced himself, and is now just a star, plain and simple.” They’re usually rounded out by something more along the lines of “[he] touched off a political firestorm after delivering unusually vitriolic threats against a reporter.” And that’s just what Representative Michael G. Grimm of Staten Island, former rising star, did once the State of the Union had come to a close last night. During an exchange with a reporter about an ongoing investigation into his campaign fundraising, Grimm came out with: “I’ll break you in half. Like a boy.”
  • It has now been established that 75% of Canadians are fed up with winter. We know this for a fact, because the Weather Network conducted a poll, and 75% of the nearly 40,000 people who answered the question “Are you embracing winter or have you had enough?” indicated that yes, they have indeed had enough.

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