Extra, Extra: The Year's Saddest Day, a Polar Bear's First Bath, and a Useful Bookstore Map




Extra, Extra: The Year’s Saddest Day, a Polar Bear’s First Bath, and a Useful Bookstore Map

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  • Today is officially the saddest day of the year. Science may not yet have been able to substantiate the findings of Cliff Arnall, who devised the “Blue Monday” formula, but as his formula takes into account “weather, debt, time passed since Christmas, failed New Year’s resolutions, low motivation, and the need to take action,” we think he’s probably onto something.
  • So is there a variable that can be added to the “Blue Monday” formula that could help tip the balance in favour of defiant optimism? Maybe not. But it certainly can’t hurt, on the very lowest, grimmest day of the year, to watch the video above—a video, recently posted on the Toronto Zoo’s Facebook page, that just happens to feature the zoo’s polar bear cub taking his first bath. (And if you need an additional boost, you can always relive the moment you first watched him take his first steps.)
  • Global Village Backpackers is no more: the hostel at King and Spadina, which has been welcoming travellers for twenty years, recently announced that it will be closing “due to unforeseen circumstances.”
  • If you’re been mourning the loss of yet another Toronto bookselling institution, why not channel your mournfulness into some book-buying? Why, what do we have here? It’s a map created by local book lovers that features the locations of Toronto’s independent bookstores!

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