Extra, Extra: The Return of the Doozers, Mayoral Tickle Fights, and Canadian Privacy



Extra, Extra: The Return of the Doozers, Mayoral Tickle Fights, and Canadian Privacy

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Photo by Flickr user DaveBleasdale.

  • A new show coming to TVO will, according to the station’s press release, feature “a quartet of young doers who employ creativity, technology and resilience to realize projects, solve problems and get things done.” As that would make for an extremely long title, the show will be called simply Doozers. That’s right! The tiny perfect green construction creatures from Fraggle Rock are getting their own show! They won’t be puppets, though—they’ll be computer-animated, which is worrisome. So we’re not prepared to dance our cares away or save our worry for another day just yet.
  • “Budget chief denies tickling Mayor Rob Ford.” That is a real headline, in a real newspaper, about a real thing that happened. And you’ll understand why Frank Di Giorgio was forced to deny he’d subjected the mayor to a tickle attack once you see the photos.
  • It’s possible Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) knows more about you than you know about it: documents obtained by Edward Snowden reveal that the country’s electronic spy agency accessed the free Wi-Fi available at a “major Canadian airport” and then tracked people for days via their mobile devices. All of which calls into question ever so slightly this recent comment from CSEC chief John Forster: “I can tell you that we do not target Canadians at home or abroad in our foreign intelligence activities, nor do we target anyone in Canada. In fact, it’s prohibited by law. Protecting the privacy of Canadians is our most important principle.”

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