Extra, Extra: Canadian Oscar Nods, Fun Personalities, and Rob Ford Valentines




Extra, Extra: Canadian Oscar Nods, Fun Personalities, and Rob Ford Valentines

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Owen Pallett. Photo by Flickr user yenna.

  • Today’s announcement of the Academy Award nominations contained both sad and happy Canada-related news: Sarah Polley’s critically acclaimed Stories We Tell was passed over in the documentary category, but Owen Pallett and Arcade Fire’s Will Butler did get a nod in the best original score category for their contributions to Spike Jonze’s Her—and Jean-Marc Vallee’s Dallas Buyers Club is up for six Oscars (including the one for best picture), and he hails from Montreal.
  • “Look, we’re not trying to screw him. We just want him to come on and take advantage of his fun personality.” That’s Eric Bickel of the Sports Junkies, talking to NOW Magazine about the show’s most notorious regular guest: Rob Ford.
  • It was through one of Rob Ford’s appearances on the Sports Junkies that we learned of our mayor’s insights into the desires of women (they desire money). But if you’re someone who’s not—by virtue of inclination or perhaps moneylessness—in a position to give your sweetheart some Valentine’s Day cash, why not turn to the next best thing? A Rob Ford–themed Valentine’s Day card. Because nothing says romance like a card that says, “I must have been in one of my drunken stupors when…I fell for you.”

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