Extra, Extra: Adam Vaughan's Joke, Stylish Transit Posters, and a Snow-Crippled City




Extra, Extra: Adam Vaughan’s Joke, Stylish Transit Posters, and a Snow-Crippled City

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  • If Councillor Adam Vaughan (Ward 20, Trinity-Spadina) ever decides politics is no longer his thing, he might want to consider venturing into the world of late-night comedy. “What’s the difference between Rob Ford and Justin Bieber?” he asked reporters. “Justin Bieber shoots and cuts his own videos.” Watch your back, Mike Bullard.
  • Attention, illustrators and graphic designers! Only one day remains for you to submit your entry for Spacing’sTransit Poster Contest.” So if you have it in you to create a “stylish and sophisticated poster” that celebrates the TTC, you should probably get to work.
  • Winter has hit all of us pretty hard, seeing as how it’s cold, grey, and seemingly endless—but it’s been especially cruel to Atlanta recently. This week, just over five centimetres of snow managed to cripple a city of 6 million people: roads were impassable, flights were cancelled, children were forced to spend the night in schools or buses, people were trapped for hours in their cars. Rebecca Burns takes on the “Oh, those Southerners, they don’t know how to drive in the snow!” response, arguing that this city-wide emergency instead reflects the “horrible history of suburban sprawl in the United States and the bad political decisions that drive it.”

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