Extra, Extra: A Library Without (Paper) Books, Rob Ford's Cheque, and Toronto Eaton Centre's Real Name




Extra, Extra: A Library Without (Paper) Books, Rob Ford’s Cheque, and Toronto Eaton Centre’s Real Name

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Photo by deejay008, from the Torontoist Flickr pool.

  • The city of San Antonio, Texas, recently opened a public library system that doesn’t actually involve any print books. Instead, it offers a selection of electronic books and a room filled with computers. It’s hard to say whether this is actually a “the future is here” situation—a book-less library opened in Arizona in 2002, but was obliged to start offering old-timey texts again when its patrons kicked up a fuss.
  • Mayor Rob Ford continues to use his weekly interview with Washington D.C.’s The Sports Junkies as an opportunity to make statements about things like legislation and what makes women happy. Today on the show, he indicated that (a) he thinks that the federal government should look into decriminalizing marijuana, and (b) he gave his wife a cheque for $5,000 for Christmas, and she was “really happy.”
  • The Toronto Eaton Centre would like everyone to know that, going forward, it will no longer be known as “The Toronto Eaton Centre.” Or “The Eaton Centre.” Or anything else but “Toronto Eaton Centre,” thank you very much. As part of a larger re-branding effort, it will officially be doing away with the introductory “the.” “We understand that changing habits is not always easy,” says Meredith Vlitas, Senior Marketing Director for the Toronto Eaton Centre. “However, we believe that the people of Toronto can rise to this challenge.”

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