Duly Quoted: Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly




Duly Quoted: Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly

Toronto's deputy mayor is looking into calling in the army to help with storm cleanup.

“…When I took a look at the scope of the devastation, and when I learned from staff that it’s going to take almost two months to clear all the debris, not only on our streets and roads, but in our parks as well, I thought, well, what would be the next available source of manpower, and I think that’s the army—and if we can get more people on the job, and meet this challenge sooner rather than later, why not explore that option.”

—Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly, in an interview this morning with CP24. Kelly has indicated that he is willing to follow in Mel Lastman’s storm-response footsteps and call in the army, if that will mean that Toronto can recover more quickly from the recent ice storm. Yesterday, he had his staff make calls to the Canadian Forces to find out whether and how the military would be able to aid with the storm cleanup. The Globe and Mail reports that any official request for troops would have to come from the provincial government—and that a spokesperson for Ontario’s Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services has declined to offer comment on a hypothetical request from the City.