Duly Quoted: Toronto Hydro CEO Anthony Haines




Duly Quoted: Toronto Hydro CEO Anthony Haines

Hydro crews are working up to 16 hours a day, but many Torontonians are facing a Christmas without power.

“Many of you were out the other day and literally saw trees raining from the sky with us. And so you imagine you have a Toronto Hydro employee up in a truck in and amongst these branches, and these branches moving and cracking and falling around them. For many of you, you probably saw the time it takes between the crack and that branch landing on the ground is seconds.”

—Toronto Hydro CEO Anthony Haines, in an ice-storm update press conference this morning. The number of customers without power has been reduced to 115,000, but Haines warns that the 30-kilometre winds that are expected today will almost certainly down more trees, create additional damage, and result in more outage calls. “We’d like to say this will be done by tomorrow. That’s not going to happen, folks,” said Mayor Rob Ford.