Duly Quoted: Daniel Dale




Duly Quoted: Daniel Dale

Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale takes on each and every one of the appalling things Rob Ford said about him during that interview with Conrad Black.

“I was generous. I didn’t call the mayor a liar. Perhaps he was somehow misled by an excitable neighbour. Perhaps he somehow thought he saw something he didn’t see. He tried to get me arrested, to destroy my career; I decided to correct him gently, deferentially. Not any more. Not 19 months later. Rob Ford is lying about me, he knows it, and it’s vile.”

—Star reporter Daniel Dale, in his reasoned and detailed refutation of all the deplorable things Rob Ford said about him during a recent interview with Conrad Black. Dale considers and demolishes Ford’s claims and insinuations one by one, and then concludes by indicating he will “continue to cover Ford with…non-grudge-bearing professionalism and courtesy” and consider the question of legal action.