Weekend Newsstand: November 2, 2013




Weekend Newsstand: November 2, 2013

Has anything happened this week that didn't involve Rob Ford and his (alleged) drug problem? Logic would tell us yes, but newspaper coverage would not. In the news: Rob Ford (duh), an inquest into the deaths of three mentally ill Torontonians gunned down by police, and elderly people love they deals.

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When the Toronto Sun turns on a former friend, it gets ugly fast. Rob Ford is learning as much this week, not least through the Sun’s vicious coverage of the “shocking… revelations” about Ford’s allegedly wild St. Patrick’s Day. (Someone was drinking on St. Patrick’s Day is a “shocking revelation”? Okay…) The Sun‘s choice to include information like “Ford jumped on his Cut the Waist Challenge scale outside his office and started to take off his clothes as he weighed himself” and that Ford “‘flailed around’ on the Bier Markt dance floor before being pulled off by his staff” can be debated—and defended, yes—but it’s also a real bummer to hear that your city’s elected leader was drunk enough that he was crying. Hang in there, bro. It’s going to be a tough few weeks.

Ford’s deputy mayor, Norm Kelly, says there have been some meetings between Ford and worried, self-interested well-meaning city politicians. Kelly hopes the mayor “does the right thing,” which is either resigning or anything else, because he wouldn’t say what he was talking about.

An inquest is underway looking into the shooting deaths of three mentally ill Torontonians, all of whom were “holding sharp items and experiencing mental health issues when they were gunned down by police.” Reyal Jardine-Douglas, a 25-year-old killed by police in 2010, was riding the bus without incident until a police officer boarded. The vast majority of mentally ill people pose no threat to others but are quickly treated as if they do, often with horrific consequences. Hopefully the inquest will reach some useful conclusions about training the police to recognize the differences between mental instability and actual violent danger.

There are a bunch of people in Toronto who gather outside Honest Ed’s every morning to wait for it to open so they can get some sweet, sweet deals. They’re called door-crashers and they’re mostly elderly. Is this a disturbing sign of things to come if we continue our neoliberal austerity-based economics unchecked? Is it a quirky lifestyle story about some unique locals? Make up your own mind when you watch the Globe‘s video.