Vandalist: Bust a Move



Vandalist: Bust a Move

Cut a rug, shake your tail feathers, get your groove on, or twerk your tush in this designated dance zone.

dance freely

BY: Time and Desire
LOCATION: Queen Street and Spadina Avenue
PHOTO BY: g026r
FIELD NOTES: At last, the city of Toronto has listened to its citizens and created a designated dance zone—or so it would appear, considering the fact that this sign perfectly adheres to the style and tone of our regular, non-dance-related street signs. As fabulous as it would be if this was legit, this sign (and many signs like it, if you keep your eyes peeled), is the work of vandals. Meet Time and Desire, a duo of designers, philosophers, and urban interventionists. Using the format of traditional street signs, they slip their messages of play and whimsy into Toronto’s streetscape where we least expect it. We highly recommend you peruse their other urban interventions (we particularly like these three).

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