Rob Ford: "I Would Never Do That. I'm Happily Married. I've Got More Than Enough to Eat at Home."
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Rob Ford: “I Would Never Do That. I’m Happily Married. I’ve Got More Than Enough to Eat at Home.”

Mayor says he's launching legal action against former senior staff who spoke with police about his behaviour.

Rob Ford has now responded to the court-ordered release of more police documents—the summaries of interviews the police conducted with several members of Rob Ford’s staff. Here, in full, is the transcript of his remarks to the press:

I couldn’t comment yesterday cause I didn’t read the documents that was [sic] released.

It’s unfortunate I have to take legal action. I don’t appreciate people calling Alana a prostitute. I’ve never had a prostitute here. I’m very happily married at home. This is very disturbing against my wife. Unfortunately I have to take legal action against Isaac Ransom and George Christopoulos and Mark Towhey. I have to take legal action against the waiter that said I was doing lines at the Bier Markt. That is outright lies; that is not true.

It hurts my wife when they’re calling a friend of mine a prostitute. Alana is not a prostitute, she’s a friend and it makes me sick how people are saying this. So unfortunately I have no other choice. I’m the last one to take legal action. I can’t put up with it anymore.

So I’ve named the names. Litigation will be starting shortly. I’ve had enough. That’s why I warned you guys yesterday, be careful what you wrote.

That’s all I have to say for now. The next thing I want to call Mayor Bratina in Hamilton and tell him that we’re going to have to spank their little Tiger-Cats.

Oh, and the last thing was Olivia Gondak, that says that I wanted to eat her pussy. I’ve never said that in my life to her. I would never do that. I’m happily married. I’ve got more than enough to eat at home.

Thank you very much.

The audio:

More to come.