Rob and Doug Ford Are Getting Their Own TV Show
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Rob and Doug Ford Are Getting Their Own TV Show

A week after their radio show was cancelled, the Ford brothers have a new gig.

Rob Ford in the Newstalk 1010 studio during the last installment of his radio show there. (Screengrab of live video feed.)

When Newstalk 1010 cancelled Rob and Doug Ford’s weekly radio show, it seemed like a responsible thing to do, given the mayor’s political crisis. Rob Ford is a politician who has all but admitted to misleading the public about his own conduct. Giving him a platform where he could continue doing that, unchallenged, week after week, was beginning to seem like a very shady move.

But you know which organization doesn’t care about lowering the standards of Canadian broadcast media for short-term gain? Sun News Network.

And so, naturally, the cable news channel has just announced that a new Rob and Doug Ford TV show will air for the first time on Monday at 8 p.m.

Maybe Sun is doing this because it has very few viewers and very little money and figures it has nothing left to lose. Or maybe the channel’s overlords honestly still believe in Mayor Ford’s agenda and want to give him a shot at redeeming himself. Or maybe they were impressed by his candor about whether and where he eats pussy and the idea is for the whole thing to be a Sue Johanson-style sex Q&A show. One can only hope.

An interesting unanswered question in all of this is whether the show will be able to continue once Rob and Doug Ford register as candidates in the 2014 election. There are strict rules about campaign contributions, and providing the Fords with free broadcast time might violate them.

There is some good news, though: our weekly Rob and Doug Ford radio recaps are back in business, though we’ll probably have to start calling them something else.