Newsstand: November 28, 2013




Newsstand: November 28, 2013

There's snow on the ground (sort of) and Americans are preparing to eat turkey and then fight over marked-down TVs. Modern society, what a wonder. In the news: Canada allowed the NSA to spy during 2010's G20 summit, "foot yoga" is a thing for ladies the inquest into three people's police shootings continues, and the world's first fancy KFC will open in Toronto. Yay?

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National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden’s huge trove of documents has so far been mostly relevant to Americans, except for the fact that the NSA is spying on basically everyone in the world at all times for no reason. But on Wednesday, the CBC released a story in conjunction with American journalist Glenn Greenwald saying documents show Canada allowed the NSA to spy from an embassy in Ottawa during Toronto’s 2010 G20 summit. This is, of course, quite illegal and a major breach of national sovereignty. Spying during international meetings like the G20 is usually done to get a leg up in negotiations, which is nefarious but not quite as sexy as the thought that the NSA directed its mammoth surveillance power at unsuspecting Canadian protesters. However, given the massive number of premature (and usually completely unwarranted) arrests during the summit, there are definitely questions that should be answered about what, if any, role the NSA’s spying played in quelling dissent.

Ladies, do your feet hurt when you wear stilettos too much? Of course they do, because you haven’t been paying to learn the ancient spiritual art of foot yoga! As always with the bougiest of bougie trends, foot yoga is seeing its birth in New York. But it won’t be long before Bay Street bankers start importing the workout (“workout”?) to Canada, so watch out.

The Toronto police officer who shot mentally ill hospital escapee Michael Eligon to death in February 2012 evidently “couldn’t even remember [his] own name at the time” because the moment was so stressful. An inquest into the gunning down of three mentally ill Toronto citizens by police watched video shot by a police cruiser camera of officers lined up, guns drawn, while a shoeless, hospital-gown-clad Eligon wandered toward them with a pair of scissors in each hand. The officer who shot Eligon has had his actions cleared by Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit. Coming in the wake of Sammy Yatim’s July shooting and a call on Police Chief Bill Blair’s part for every single frontline officer to have a Taser, this inquest’s findings may have a significant impact on Toronto police for decades to come.

KFC will soon launch its upscale-ish cousin, KFC Select. For some reason the company chose Toronto to hold the world’s first KFC Select location, so there’s one more thing to brag about to the rest of Canada. The new restaurant, which will feature an “open-concept kitchen” and styles itself as “fast casual,” very on-trend, will serve largely different fare than what KFC devotees are used to. Potentially promising items: grilled chicken burritos and “Kream Ball desserts.” (Really though, that dessert sounds pretty much exactly like something you’d find at a regular KFC.) The restaurant is expected to open mid-December on Yonge near Bloor.

CORRECTION: November 28, 2013, 10:30 AM This post originally referred to the Toronto Police Special Investigations Unit, when in fact the SIU is a provincial, civilian organization.