Extra, Extra: All Ford, All the Time
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Extra, Extra: All Ford, All the Time

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

  • Credit where credit’s due: those Taiwanese news animators are fast. Embedded above, their latest take on the unfolding Mayor Rob Ford saga.
  • Among the other reactions to Ford’s latest travails, a definite must-read is this Facebook note from MP Olivia Chow, who is widely expected to challenge Ford in the 2014 mayoral election.
  • Sue-Ann Levy’s latest column—and the Toronto Sun‘s sudden turn on Ford in general—is breathtaking.
  • And of course, there was the requisite New York Times article. Something about the grey lady’s refined prose style makes Ford seem like history. (If only he were.)
  • But if we had to pick a favourite New York reaction, it would be this essay from New York Magazine, about why Ford isn’t funny anymore.
  • But you know what is kind of funny? DoesRobFordSmokeCrack.com, that’s what.
  • Lest we forget, Gawker‘s editor still wants a giant share of the credit for moving the Ford story forward, despite the fact that he has been mostly idle on the file ever since it became clear that he wasn’t getting the video.
  • And, not content to antagonize the Star alone, Gawker also went after the Globe today, over something not related to the mayor.
  • Also: Daylight Saving Time ends on Sunday, November 3. So make sure to set your clock back an hour on Saturday night.

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