Weekend Newsstand: October 26, 2013




Weekend Newsstand: October 26, 2013

It's Saturday and it's raining so who cares. In the news: there's a uranium plant near you (but it's safe); daycares galore in the east end, many of them unlicensed; and the National Post reported something to the TTC, and then reported on the follow-up.

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The Toronto Transit Commission ordered the drainage of a subway station currently under construction at York University after seeing photos of the station filled with a pool of water in the National Post. Reporting on this development was the National Post, probably overjoyed that they scooped even the TTC on this. One reason for the scoop may be that construction on the station, which was supposed to transfer from one construction company to another in the summer, has been on hold since July. But it seems EllisDon is preparing to begin their portion of the construction right away, bringing the dream of an extended Yonge-University-Spadina route a little closer to reality.

As licensed daycares fail to meet the needs of Toronto parents—there is room for only 21 per cent of children under five in licensed daycares—unlicensed, family-run businesses are springing up to fill the gap. On one stretch of an east-end street alone, there are four daycares. Some neighbours on the street complain about losing their “community,” while the operators of the daycares (run by the same extended family but, they insist, as separate and therefore legal businesses) say they are doing things completely above-board. Maybe child care should be a priority of the municipal or provincial government? Just a thought.

Did you know there’s a uranium plant in Toronto’s west end? I certainly didn’t. But according to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, everything is in tip-top condition and there’s no need to go into an existential tailspin about the futility of life. They didn’t say that last part, but it seems fair to assume they would consider such thinking unnecessary. “All releases to the environment are well below regulatory limits,” after all! Oh well, nothing to worry about! I need my inhaler.