Vandalist: Unlikely Friends




Vandalist: Unlikely Friends

Made by unlikely collaborators.

unlikely chums

BY: Unknown
LOCATION: West Toronto Railpath
PHOTO BY: Mark Beauchamp
FIELD NOTES: Years ago a good friend was getting her kitchen redone. Knowing that her counters would soon be no more she bought an armful of markers and invited her creative friends over to turn her kitchen into an art extravaganza. With the knowledge that it was temporary and the freedom to do whatever we wanted, we ended up creating wonderfully hilarious, absurd, beautiful, and heartfelt drawings that would never have happened under more formal circumstances. That combination of non-permanence and complete artistic freedom plays a huge role in the strange beauty of graffiti art. Unlikely and frequently accidental collaborators come together, and what they create could almost certainly not be reproduced in any other art setting.

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