The Lisi Papers: Why Rob Ford's Friend, Sandro Lisi, Was Arrested


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The Lisi Papers: Why Rob Ford’s Friend, Sandro Lisi, Was Arrested

Before Sandro Lisi, Mayor Rob Ford’s friend and occasional driver, was arrested on drug charges, police filed a document containing evidence they had gathered in relation to the case; that document was used as the grounds for issuing a search warrant. Portions of the document, known as an ITO, or “Information to Obtain,” were released this morning under court order, as a result of weeks of legal arguments made by a consortium of Toronto media organizations (not including Torontoist or its parent company, St. Joseph Media).

After hearing from both sides in the case (Lisi’s lawyer argued against releasing the document) Superior Court Justice Ian Nordheimer ruled that a portion of the document could be made public—about half is now available. The dispute over the release of this document is ongoing, however. Lawyers have until November 8 to file arguments regarding the redacted portions of the ITO, parts the Crown says are “inessential.” It’s believed that within the ITO’s pages there are also references to a broader police investigation, known as “Brazen 2,” that reaches all the way to the mayor’s office.

The full document, with redacted sections blacked out by the court: