Where Suits Was Filmed in Toronto
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Where Suits Was Filmed in Toronto

This show about New York power players almost manages to hide the fact that it's shot in Toronto. Almost.

Toronto’s extensive work on the silver screen reveals that, while we have the chameleonic ability to look like anywhere from New York City to Moscow, the disguise doesn’t always hold up to scrutiny. Reel Toronto revels in digging up and displaying the films that attempt to mask, hide, or—in rare cases—proudly display our city.

2013 10 15 9 sunbox 120wellignton

Once again we’re dipping our toes into the warm water of TV productions, in recognition of the fact that where Toronto was once home largely to B-grade series (Relic Hunter, anyone?) more and more quality shows are choosing to shoot up here.

Suits, set in the heart of Manhattan, certainly fits into that category. It’s about to head into its third season, but for the purposes of this post, we’re only going to look at the first. The show’s way of mixing in a few stock New York City shots with our own scenery is actually fairly impressive; it makes for a convincing illusion.

Television shows being longer than feature films, it’s a good bet that we’ve missed some spots, but here’s our best go at a relatively comprehensive guide to season one.

Like, our first shot here could almost pass for New York, right? Maybe it’s not so obvious that’s a Toronto Sun box, but a good Torontonian knows we’re actually right here, on Wellington Street (and hey, there’s the Sun box! It’s famous!).

2013 10 15 2 scotiaestablishing

Suits seems to shoot in every single corner of the financial district. There are lots of little places they hit along the way, but let’s start with two of the biggies. The fictional law firm, Pearson Hardman, is based in the Bay-Adelaide Centre. We see lovely establishing shots like this…

2013 10 15 10 bayadelaidelobby

…and shots of the lobby…

2013 10 15 bayadelaide

…and lots of shots of the outside…

2013 10 15 2 scotiaplaza

…including this one, where you can see a sign for Scotia Plaza and some of the Trump Hotel construction across the street.

2013 10 15 nyctranslite

The office interior, of course, is merely a set. Whether you’re seeing a daytime scene like this…

2013 10 15 nyctrasnlite2

…or a night one like this, the amazingly convincing background is actually a fancy translight, which is itself a fancy word for a big huge, well-lit picture.

2013 10 15 6 nicestresto1 bymark

These lawyers also like to eat out a lot! Here they are at Bymark!

2013 10 15 4 bar billboard

This is the lovely bar at Luma (note the billboard for nearby Marcel’s in the background) at the TIFF Bell Lightbox…

2013 10 15 10 lightboxpatioagain

…and this is the patio…

2013 10 15 4 balcony

…and so is this (now you can note Metro Hall in the background).

2013 10 15 11 ame

Sushi? Why not! Here they sup at the now-departed Rubino joint, Ame.

2013 10 15 11 rosewater

Something even fancier? Howsabout walking into the Rosewater Supper Club…

2013 10 15 11 rosewater garycole

…and hanging out with Gary Cole upstairs?!

2013 10 15 7 ritzcarltonlobby

This isn’t a meal so much as a power meeting, but it’s in the lovely Ritz Carlton hotel’s lobby.

2013 10 15 6 swishbyhan

A bit more downscale are Swish by Han

2013 10 15 4 cafe crepeitup church

…a snack at Crepe it Up, on Church Street

2013 10 15 10 pizzaiolo adelaide

…this little walk past Pizzaiolo, at Sheppard and Adelaide streets

2013 10 15 5 southoftemperance

…and drinks at South of Temperance, right next door to our Bay-Adelaide home base.

2013 10 15 7 bike actuallybroadway

They actually do a pretty good job disguising the non-New Yorkness. One episode, for example, opens with a bicycle racing through the city, blending actual shots of New York…

2013 10 15 7 bike 416

…and rapidly cutting to the bike zipping through Toronto…

2013 10 15 7 bike cloudgardens

…and past the Cloud Gardens.

2013 10 15 10 bayst cityhall

Here’s another bit out on Bay Street, looking up towards Old City Hall.

2013 10 15 11 outsidehbc

Not far away, here we are getting out of a taxi at Bay and Queen streets…

2013 10 15 11 garycole oldcityhall

…and meeting Gary Cole, again, at Old City Hall.

2013 10 15 3 roythomson

That’s not the only hall on display. Here’s a fancy car show…

2013 10 15 3 roythomson2

…at Roy Thomson Hall.

2013 10 15 9 77wolsley

This was a fun one to figure out. They visit this house, supposedly out in Brooklyn, on a street with lots of red houses.

2013 10 15 9 redhousest heyapathy wosley

A later scene reveals the lovely “Hey Apathy!” mural in the background. That and the icon on the left reveal the house to be 77 Wolseley Street.

2013 10 15 4 1kingwest

We also go condo shopping outside…

2013 10 15 4 1kingwest condo

…and inside One King West. Ooh, la la.

2013 10 15 2 mowat

A bit further otuside the financial district, this federal government building, seen from the oustide…

2013 10 15 12 mowatblock

…and in…

2013 10 15 2 900 mowat

…is actually 900 Bay Street, better known as the provincial government offices, at Wellesley Street.

2013 10 15 6 berczyparknotcentral

But we’re not done by a long shot! This is supposed to be the periphery of Central Park, but it’s actually Berczy Park. One of the amusing subtexts of the show is that if you add a street-food vendor, Toronto looks a lot more like New York. Dare to dream.

2013 10 15 8 allangardencafe goodidea

Indeed, if there’s any idea this show gives us that’s more clever than developing a workable street-food program, it’s dropping a lovely cafe…

2013 10 15 8 allangardencafe

…in front of Allan Gardens.

2013 10 15 1 hotel

This fancy shmancy hotel…

2013 10 15 3 royalyork lobby

…is actually the Royal York…

2013 10 15 9 royalyork2

…seen in a couple of different episodes…

2013 10 15 3 royalyork timmies porter

…and also recognizable from the outside. (Recognizable to us. Americans might be wondering what to make of Tim Hortons and Porter which, yes, we know are increasingly prevalent down there.)

2013 10 15 9 greenpbardis

Bardi’s is right across the street from the hotel, as is this rather obvious Green P sign.

2013 10 15 6 greenpthing

Watch enough episodes and the bike poles and Green P signs kind of jump out at you, actually. (This one is on Scott Street, with the King Eddie visible in the back.)

2013 10 15 3 posthotelflag

Credit to the producers, they hung American flags…

2013 10 15 4 kingst paperboxes

…and dropped US Post boxes and USA Today boxes just about everywhere…

2013 10 15 8 tonotnyc

…but if, like us, you’re a loser who watches the backgrounds, you see dead giveaways that we’re actually in Toronto, like this sign…

2013 10 15 3 garbagecan

…this garbage can…

2013 10 15 11 queenstandnewyork

…this New York banner clashing with the TTC pole and “Queen Street” sign…

2013 10 15 4 ttcstop

…this TTC stop…

2013 10 15 4 subway

…and, despite the signs, this subway entrance.

2013 10 15 5 carcrash scottst

Maybe by now you’re done with Suits, but it’s not done with you. Howzabout this car crash on Scott Street? We haven’t seen that street since, like, 30 seconds ago!

2013 10 15 5 peteralley

Or this scene, in which they’re apparently coming out of a club on Peter Street…

2013 10 15 5 peter rogers

…complete with the Rogers Centre hiding in the back?

We’re a bit behind the curve here, as seasons two and three have already aired. We can’t imagine there’s much south of Queen Street they didn’t hit in the first season, but we’ll check out the later episodes in due course, just to be sure.