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And with that, we’re going to call it a nuit. Until next year!

nuit blanche street scene dylan george

As always, TIFF is the best place to end the night. You get to sit, it’s still rowdy, and you know it will go all the way to sunrise

FROM: Stephanie Avery
TIME: 6:49 AM

While many exhibits wind down as dawn approaches, the Subaru Art Car is still going strong at King and University. Commercialism 1, Art 0.

FROM: Jamie Bradburn
LOCATION: King and University
TIME: 6:16 AM

nuit blanche collective nightmare 2nuit blanche collective nightmare 1

FROM: Dylan George
LOCATION: A Collective Nightmare (Gladstone Hotel, #106)
TIME: 3:18 AM

nuit blanche street

FROM: Dylan George
LOCATION: Spotted on Queen West on the way to the Gladstone
TIME: 2:48 AM

The elephant has a friend.

nuit blanche elephant friend

FROM: Dylan George
LOCATION: There is an elephant in the truck (Queen’s Park Crescent and Grosvenor Street, #69)
TIME: 1:19 AM

Getting to be that time of the night…

nuit blanche clown

FROM: Dylan George
LOCATION: (X)Static Clown Factory (University and Gerrard, #42)
TIME: 12:57 AM

nuit blanche ferris wheel

FROM: Dylan George
LOCATION: Ferris Wheel (Dundas and University, #25)
TIME: 12:39 AM

It’s never too late (or too early) for marshmallow roasting.

nuit blanche marshmallows

FROM: Stephanie Avery
LOCATION: Gather (OCAD, #39)
TIME: 5:25 AM

“Blah blah blah” on repeat coming from the speakers.

nuit blanche gather

FROM: Andrew Louis
LOCATION: Gather (OCAD, #39)
TIME: 5:20 AM

Attendee struggling with concept of art. Started unzipping pants and suggesting that was art as well.

FROM: Andrew Louis
LOCATION: City Hall basement
TIME: 5:00 AM

nuit blanche garden tower

FROM: Andrew Louis
LOCATION: Garden Tower in Toronto (Metropolitan United Church, Queen and Church streets, #37)
TIME: 4:45 AM

The rain really thinned people out—lines are super short now. Still a couple of hours left!

FROM: Stephanie Avery
LOCATION: Queen’s Park Crescent
TIME: 4:17 AM

nuit blanche night shift

—Preparing for the arrival of the Sun King (aka Louis XIV) at a 12-hour “durational performance.”

FROM: Andrew Louis
LOCATION: Night Shift (Bay Adelaide Centre, #21)
TIME: 4:11 AM

nuit blanche queen parade 2nuit blanche queen parade 1

FROM: Lodoe-Laura Haines-Wangda
LOCATION: Queen of the Parade (Queen and University, #15)
TIME: 1:08 AM

nuit blanche build for you 1nuit blanche build for you 2

—In a booth artist David Harper creates patterns with needlepoint; they are projected onto the base of a 20-foot monument beside him.

FROM: Lodoe-Laura Haines-Wangda
LOCATION: This, I Build For You (Queen’s Park Crescent and Grosvenor, #68)
TIME: 11:23 PM

nuit blanche quack cure

FROM: Lodoe-Laura Haines-Wangda
LOCATION: A Quack Cure (Queen’s Park Crescent and Wellesley)
TIME: 11:10 PM

nuit blanche nothing is better

FROM: Lodoe-Laura Haines-Wangda
LOCATION: Nothing is better (Church of the Redeemer, Bloor and Avenue Road, #89)
TIME: 10:47 PM

nuit blanche drumming

—Drummers on the move

FROM: Dylan George
LOCATION: South side of Nathan Phillips Square
TIME: 12:14 AM

A few more shots of Ai Weiwei’s installation…

nuit blanche forever bicycles 1nuit blanche forever bicycles 2nuit blanche forever bicycles 3nuit blanche forever bicycles 4

FROM: Dylan George
LOCATION: Forever Bicycles (Nathan Phillips Square, #1)
TIME: 10:45-10:51 PM

People text messages to artist Travis T. Freeman from the Queen Mother patio and watch him shout the messages into a nature preserve north of the city. Recent texts include details on the finale of Breaking Bad, making for the most unexpected spoiler ever. Still, dick move.

FROM: Ryan West
LOCATION: Queen Mother Cafe
TIME: 3:09 AM

nuit blanche howl

FROM: Dylan George
LOCATION: Howl (University south of Wellington, #48)
TIME: 9:36 PM

nuit blanche pink punch

FROM: Dylan George
LOCATION: Pink Punch (First Canadian Place, #29)
TIME: 8:47 PM

Artist’s statement:
Canada has “baited” Natives with Treaties for over 300 years
Natives are bound by Treaties
Canada has violated the Treaties
Canada wants Absolution.

nuit blanche trappings power 2
nuit blanche trapping power 1

FROM: Dylan George
LOCATION: The Trappings of Power (David Pecaut Square, #51)
TIME: 8:19 PM

Signs of fatigue starting to show—handful of people lying down for a rest at north end of Queen’s Park Crescent.

FROM: Jamie Bradburn
LOCATION: Queen’s Park Crescent
TIME: 2:28 AM

We asked a variety of people how they would describe Nuit Blanche to a friend. Answers: “A senior’s worst nightmare.” “Christmas for artists.” “A little less interesting than before.”

FROM: David Hains
LOCATION: University Avenue
TIME: 1:41 AM

rsz dsc 5156

—”…Is it art?”

FROM: Dylan George
LOCATION: Nathan Phillips Square
TIME: 1:59 AM

rsz dsc 5211

FROM: Dylan George
LOCATION: Music Box (University and Armoury, #14)
TIME: 1:54 AM

And someone has spiked the fountain at University and Richmond with bubble bath.

nuit blanche fountain bubbles

FROM: Steve Kupferman
LOCATION: University and Richmond
TIME: 1:50 AM

Plenty of opportunities to rest your feet at the Lightbox, including Cringeworthy! The Best & Worst Videos Online with local YouTube celebs Gunnarolla and Andrew Brevener.

FROM: Ryan West
LOCATION: TIFF Bell Lightbox (#53 to #58)
TIME: 1:46 AM

dsc 9245

dsc 9238

dsc 9231

FROM: Lodoe-Laura Haines-Wangda
LOCATION: Rumbling Drumlins (University south of College, #61)
TIME: 11:35 PM

Overheard: “I’m getting my second wind. Let’s go f—kin’ do this.”

FROM: Jamie Bradburn
LOCATION: Toaster Work Wagon (Off to a flying start, #9)
TIME: 1:25 AM

Pronunciations of Nuit Blanche so far tonight:”Nwee Blawnk,” “New-it Blawnch,” “Nee Blansh,” “Nay Blunsh.” In other news, only 1.2 per cent of Toronto speaks French.

FROM: David Hains
TIME: 1:29 AM

It is what it says on the sign.

nuit blanche elephant 1nuit blanche elephant 2

FROM: Steve Kupferman, with photos by Lodoe-Laura Haines-Wangda
LOCATION: There is an elephant in the truck (Queen’s Park Crescent and Grosvenor Street, #69)
TIME: 1:25 AM

I wanted to not like this. I mean, it’s just a couple of back-lit snow machines underneath the Gardiner Expressway. Turns out, it’s absolutely mesmerizing. Watching the faux snow swirl in the wind, creating patterns in the air in this barren urban environment is beautifully captivating.

rsz 20131006 nuit blache 2013 2051  photo by corbin smith

FROM: Corbin Smith
LOCATION: The Other Side of the Gardiner (Bathurst and Fort York Boulevard, #94)
TIME: 1:20 AM

dsc 9075

dsc 9074

FROM: Lodoe-Laura Haines-Wangda
LOCATION: Everyday Marvels (Gardiner Museum, #84)
TIME: 10:54 PM

Walk by Queen’s Park and Charles and get a taste of Narnia. A wolf, dodo, gecko, and Anubis-like creature frolic on a stage with lit-up trees, armchairs, and lampposts. It’s meant to allude to Medieval fables, but mostly dressing up is fun.

rsz 20131006 003346 lls

FROM: David Hains
LOCATION: A Quack Cure (Queen’s Park Crescent and Wellesley, #73)
TIME: 1:07 AM

FROM: Twitter user @Torontoist
TIME: 1:02 AM

Bystanders take turns at the center of a perpetually circling dolly, the feed of which is projected in the Lightbox lobby. A surprisingly intimate 360-degree striptease kept those waiting in line entertained and scandalized.

FROM: Ryan West
LOCATION: 12 Hour Dolly (TIFF Bell Lightbox, #53)
TIME: 1:03 AM

rsz dsc 5001

FROM: Dylan George
LOCATION: Tanks (David Pecaut Square, #50)
TIME: 12:56 AM

At Queen’s Park and St. Joseph, a sphere with a 4.5 metre diameter occupies the street. Called HYBRID GLOBE the flashing object draws people in to touch. But some young guys want to get their Sisyphus on, and try to unmoor the project by pushing. “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” says one of the artists as he rushes over to stop it. “That’s art.”

rsz 20131006 001722

FROM: David Hains
LOCATION: HYBRID GLOBE (Queen’s Park Crescent and St. Joseph Street, #75)
TIME: 12:50 AM

FROM: Twitter user @dreahouston
TIME: 12:43 AM

Paper Orbs is basically just a booth that gives out little paper crowns. As with all Nuit Blanche exhibits where free stuff is somehow involved, the lineup is like something out of the Weimar Republic on bread day. (Admittedly, the hats are pretty neat.)
nuit blanche paper orbs

FROM: Steve Kupferman, with photo by Lodoe-Laura Haines-Wangda
LOCATION: Paper Orbs (University and Armoury, #17)
TIME: 12:38 AM

A geodesic dome at the foot of Queen’s Park Circle gives off pastel patterned light. Inside, a changing stream of projections and live music based on the brain waves of 10 audience participants wearing special headsets. Hands down, the best experience of the night so far.

rsz dream

FROM: Hamutal Dotan
LOCATION: My Virtual Dream (144 College Street, #63)
TIME: 12:31 AM

Have you ever wondered what a coat hanger means? Well, Everyday Marvels is the exhibit for you. With readings, interpretive dances, and miming, artists explore objects like apples, loafers and spoons. Acting out your morning routine like this could be a bit tiring, though.

FROM: David Hains
LOCATION: Everyday Marvels (Gardiner Museum, #84)
TIME: 12:28 AM

rsz dsc 5070

rsz dsc 5075

FROM: Dylan George
LOCATION: Shrine (King west of Yonge, #43)
TIME: 12:21 AM

A stream of orange lanterns drifting through the sky west of Trinity Bellwoods, prompting a dude on Queen West to yell about aliens.

FROM: Jamie Bradburn
LOCATION: Trinity Bellwoods Park
TIME: 12:14 AM

A pair of hockey fans attempt Toaster Work Wagon. Go team.

rsz toaster

FROM: Steve Kupferman
LOCATION: Toaster Work Wagon (361 University Avenue, #9)
TIME: 12:11 AM

The description made it seem like there would be stage in the pool. Not so right now but my money is on a pool party happening by night’s end. For now, this is the place to be if you like teenagers. And who doesn’t during Nuit Blanche? It’s also the place to be if you like good food.

FROM: Stephanie Avery
LOCATION: Johnnyland Submerged
TIME: 12:07 AM

There’s currently an okay cover band playing. But it’s, like, on the deck of a closed public pool, so now it’s “art” or something.

pool band

FROM: Corbin Smith
LOCATION: Johnnyland Submerged (Scadding Court)
TIME: 12:02 AM

Almost definitely a significant amount of public underage drinking happening here.

rsz 1img 0964

FROM: Corbin Smith
LOCATION: Johnnyland Submerged (Bathurst and Dundas)
TIME: 12:00 AM