Newsstand: October 4, 2013




Newsstand: October 4, 2013

Friday isn't technically Hump Day, but don't let that stop you. In the news, the Scarborough subway extension becomes even less plausible, Toronto wants to be cool like Austin, and severed cat heads are a problem in Stouffville.

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A report from City Manager Joe Pennachetti says that raising enough money to cover Toronto’s portion of the cost for a proposed Scarborough subway extension will require a cumulative residential property tax increase of 1.6% over the next four years, significantly more than the 0.25% annual hike that Mayor Rob Ford has said is the most skin he can put in the game. The report also indicates that “the construction of a Relief Line subway or equivalent may become a prerequisite to address the higher ridership on the Bloor-Danforth line that will be accelerated by construction of the subway extension.” A Downtown Relief Line? Why didn’t someone mention this earlier?

The Mayor signed the Austin-Toronto music city alliance agreement last night as part of the two day trade mission intended to allow the two cities to share tips on building a profitable live music industry. It’s expected that Austin will provide insight into how to set up and run one of the worlds’ most successful music festivals, while Toronto will advise on how to write and perform awesome songs about the mayor

The Eaton Centre has officially pulled out of hosting Nuit Blanche, citing escalating incidences of damage and vandalism that the mall has experienced over the last three years of the event. Art hooliganism is a growing problem in Toronto.

The Toronto Police Service has confirmed that detective sergeant Gary Giroux, a “prominent detective” from the homicide squad, was asked to lead the investigation that led to charges being laid against Rob Ford associate Alessandro Lisi. Police Chief Bill Blair did not offer any specifics on why a senior officer would be tasked with handling what looks like a minor drug case, so the decision remains shrouded in mystery.

Six severed cat heads have been found placed in different locations in the Whitchurch-Stouffville area since August 12. York region police are asking residents to keep their pets indoors.