Mayor Rob Ford's Occasional Driver Charged With Drug Offenses




Mayor Rob Ford’s Occasional Driver Charged With Drug Offenses

Alexander "Sandro" Lisi was arrested for alleged pot trafficking, among other things.

Alexander “Sandro” Lisi, Mayor Rob Ford’s friend and occasional driver, was arrested last night at a dry cleaners in Etobicoke, and now we know what the charges are. There are four of them, all related to drugs.

A Toronto Police Service press release [PDF] lists them as follows:

  • Traffic in Marihuana, under
  • Possession of Proceeds of Crime
  • Possession of Marihuana, under
  • Conspiracy to Commit an Indictable Offence

Lisi was arrested with another man, Jamshid Bahrami, who is reportedly the owner of the dry cleaners. Bahrami is charged with three offences, including possession of cocaine.

In August, the Star reported that Lisi and other Rob Ford associates were under police investigation for attempting to retrieve the infamous cellphone video—the one almost nobody has seen, but that reportedly appears to show Ford smoking crack.

Lisi isn’t officially on the City’s payroll, but he has been spotted driving the mayor around on several occasions, including on the night of February’s Garrison Ball, when an intoxicated Ford is said to have been asked to leave the party.

The police have said that they won’t be commenting on these arrests, but the officer whose name is on the press release, Detective Sergeant Gary Giroux, is the same guy who has been investigating the alleged attempts to recover the video.