Karen Stintz Announces That She'll Run for Mayor




Karen Stintz Announces That She’ll Run for Mayor

TTC chair says Toronto needs a fiscal conservative who, unlike Ford, can also get things done.

“The David Miller years are still fresh in people’s minds and I think many people fear going back to a [David Miller mentality], which I believe would take us back. So it is a question for the city, ‘Are we going to go back, stand still or move forward?'”

—TTC chair and city councillor Karen Stintz (Ward 16, Eglinton-Lawrence), in an exclusive interview with the Toronto Sun, explaining why she’ll run for mayor in 2014. Stintz was the public face of the council revolt against Rob Ford in the spring of 2012, overturning his wishes and restoring the key legacy project from David Miller’s mayoralty: a network of light rail lines. A year later, however, she led the charge to reopen that same decision in favour of a subway for Scarborough. Her relationship with the current mayor has become increasingly fraught, and he’s publicly said he regrets his decision to appoint her TTC chair.