Duly Quoted: Rob Ford on the 2014 Election




Duly Quoted: Rob Ford on the 2014 Election

Next up on the mayor's agenda: subways for Sheppard and Finch, because "the downtown people have enough subways already."

“Obviously the next election’s going to be fought, again, on subways. I want to connect McCowan [the Scarborough subway extension council just voted on] to Don Mills to the Sheppard line, do that. Then I’m going to go to Finch, and look at the Downtown Relief Line. But to be fair, the downtown people have enough subways already. I think it’s only time to treat everyone equally—in Scarborough, in North York, Etobicoke. Everyone deserves subways here.”

—Lest anyone think that, Scarborough subway vote won, Toronto might revert to apolitical transit planning based on the best available advice—TTC CEO Andy Byford says the DRL must be our single biggest transit priority—and pull together as a city rather than give way to regional grudges, Rob Ford was quick to clarify. He went on CP24 on Friday to lay out his view of how this week’s council meeting went, and his key priority for the 2014 election.