Weekend Newsstand: September 28, 2013
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Weekend Newsstand: September 28, 2013

The thing about Saturday is that when you hug the bed, it hugs you back...and tells you the news: emails from Ford's office, youth with no jobs, cats with no care, a home for the new streetcars, and a protest of David Gilmour.

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Signs of a dysfunctional mayor’s office may include: when the chief of staff emails all staff ordering them not to talk to the mayor. That’s the gist of an email that former Mayor Ford chief of staff Mark Towhey sent last May, the day before he was fired. Towhey asked the mayor’s staff to avoid the mayor’s calls, worried that Ford wanted staffers to help organize a pizza party at his house for the football team the mayor had been removed from that day. Some staffers, like David Price, did attend the pizza party.

Students, labour leaders, and researchers met Friday to talk about how shitty the job market is for young people. The almost 100 people in attendance heard the familiar refrains of “this generation will have it worse than their parents” and “as tuition gets higher jobs get more scarce.” With almost one in five Ontarians between 15 and 24 years old unemployed, and no one sure how to remedy that, a conference at Ryerson seems like as good an idea as any.

Speaking of problems that are hard to fix, an east-end animal shelter is holding a fundraiser this weekend to raise money and awareness for cat hoarding. A home in the Kingtson Road and Victoria Park Avenue area is said to be home to more than 40 cats, many of them malnourished and diseased. Neighbours concerned for the cats and the woman who owns them have been trying to solve the problem for years. For now, they’re trying to get the cats healthy and adopted. No word on the woman.

The barns for the new streetcars are taking longer and costing more than expected, which is maybe to be expected with any TTC project. The barns at Leslie Street and Lake Shore Boulevard should be completed by 2014, when the streetcars start to arrive.

And a small group of protestors gathered at U of T on Friday to protest David Gilmour, he of idiotic-comments-about-female-writers fame. The protestors read excerpts from female writers and ordered Gilmour to read more, which probably pissed him right off.