Spice City Toronto: Pretender to the Throne




Spice City Toronto: Pretender to the Throne

King Place mimics the name, look, and food of a well-known Pakistani joint.

A plate of curry from King Place. Photo by Sarah Efron.

Many Torontonians are familiar with King Palace, a late-night joint on Church Street with a huge array of Pakistani dishes. The place is a magnet for Pakistani cabbies, late-night partygoers, and downtown residents who want to spend $10 on an enormous, spicy meal. Now the popular restaurant has a new location…sort of.

I was recently biking downtown and saw the familiar signage. I was interested to see that a new location of King Palace had opened up at 236 Sherbourne Street, at Dundas Street, but as I slowed down to check it out, I realized the sign said King Place, not King Palace.

It turns out King Place is pulling a Coffee Lime and mutating the name of an existing, established business. One of the business partners behind King Palace, Mr. Butt, left the partnership and set up King Place on Sherbourne Street in April.

Inside, everything is the same as the Church Street restaurant, right down to the handwritten signs on the counter. There’s a large selection of dishes like kashmiri chicken, lamb curry, and seekh kebabs, served with naan or rice and a drink in combos that are generally around $9 to $11. Given that the food is cooked hours before and then microwaved, it’s certainly not the greatest. But what King Place lacks in quality it makes up for in quantity, and two people can easily share the enormous plates.

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