Weekend Newsstand: August 31, 2013
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Weekend Newsstand: August 31, 2013

It is a day of days for Saturdays and weekends beyond. Behold in it, the news: feds ignore requests for transit funding, the power of bylaws in Bloor West Village, a pro-Palestine ad on the TTC, update on the nose-cut attack, and long weekend closures.

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The provincial transport minister got stood up by the federal transport minister and he’s pretty, pretty pissed. Glen Murray is now accusing the feds of treating Ontario as second-class Canadians when it comes to forking over cash. He’s particularly miffed that the province kicks in so much cash for public transit projects without any help from Ottawa. Murray was hoping to get some money from the federal minister to help fund the Scarborough subway extension, but it looks like that might not happen.

In better-know-a-bylaw news: the City removed lawn signs from a Bloor West Village house in compliance with Municipal Code 693-17 B. Apparently you are not allowed to have lawn signs (with the exception of “for sale” signs, election signs, and signs advertising events) by penalty of a $52 fine. This house had a sign opposing the use of diesel trains on the air-rail link. And since the City only enforces the law if someone complains, the couple put the sign right back up again.

Here’s another tip about signs and sign-type things: if five people complain to the TTC about an ad, it goes to a review commission. That may be the case with a potential new ad proposed by a pro-Palestinian group. Apparently the group wants to run an ad, if that’s the word that applies in this case, similar to ones in Vancouver that showed a map of Palestine’s shrinking borders over the last few decades. Because that won’t be a controversial thing to do at all.

In the hunt for the person who cut off an unsuspecting woman’s nose last weekend, police have released images of people that might maybe possibly know something anything about the incident.

And shiny new Pape Station reopens Sunday morning. But as that opens, booze stores and libraries will be closed on Monday, so stock up for your drunken poetry reads now.