At Fan Expo 2013, Mayor Rob Ford Arm-Wrestled Hulk Hogan
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At Fan Expo 2013, Mayor Rob Ford Arm-Wrestled Hulk Hogan

The problem with writing this sort of article is that once you have written the headline, ninety percent of the story is told and you just have to then sit, wondering what else to type. What more is there to be said here, really? We could wax rhapsodic for a hundred words or so about how Rob Ford untucked his shirt when he dramatically pulled off his suit jacket (see, that was twenty-five right there), but what would be the point of that? Rob Ford is a big guy; a big guy’s dress shirt shall on occasion become uncomfortable, and need to be untucked.

We could delve into wrestling minutiae and point out that Hogan entered to his classic mid-’90s New World Order theme music, whereas Ford entered to “Eye of the Tiger” (which was in fact Hogan’s first entrance theme as a wrestler, when he was wrestling in the now long-dead American Wrestling Association), but frankly, does this whole little stunt—held far away from the public eye, so all the Fan Expo attendees would be guaranteed to miss it, and in fact one that was officially closed to the general public—deserve that level of detail?

This was not about Fan Expo, really, which neither Ford nor Hogan even bothered to mention. This was, as we all knew it would be, PR for Ford and Hogan—and Hogan did his best to entertain the crowd of press, unlike our mayor, who blasted past the emcee and seemed determined to get in, arm wrestle, and leave before anybody could ask him any embarrassing questions. Which then demands we ask: what is the point of a PR event that really doesn’t promote anything?

Well, at least Hogan seemed to have fun.

If the photos aren’t enough, there’s also a video after the jump.