Newsstand: August 8, 2013




Newsstand: August 8, 2013

Morning y'all. This just in: The man who supposedly tried to sell a video of Rob Ford smoking crack had his first court appearance yesterday; an NDP vet quits the party in protest of the Giambrone by-election controversy; the Ontario ombudsman's office should announce today whether it will conduct its own investigation of Sammy Yatim's death; and the streetcar on which Yatim was shot will be back in service with the same serial number.

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Mohamed Siad, the man who reportedly showed—and attempted to sell—the Toronto Star a video that supposedly shows Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack, made his first court appearance yesterday. Siad faces weapons and drug charges and was arrested during Toronto Police’s “Project Traveller” raids on an apartment building complex in Etobicoke. He was, supposedly, stabbed by other prison inmates following his arrest.

Joy Taylor, a ninety-year-old referred to as an NDP matriarch for her 74 years spent in politics, has, quite dramatically, quit both the party and the NDP riding association executive. Her actions are in protest of the recent provincial by-election controversy involving former TTC chair and Davenport councillor Adam Giambrone. Taylor told the Toronto Star yesterday she believes the by-election process was rigged in Giambrone’s favour, and that she owes it to Tommy Douglas, the legendary “father of the NDP,” to take a stand against the party’s corruption.

The Ontario ombudsman is set to announce today whether or not the province will conduct its own investigation into the fatal police shooting of teenager Sammy Yatim on a Toronto streetcar. Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is conducting an investigation and Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair has said the police service will have its own internal review; but should the province be dissatisfied with the SIU’s work, it can proceed with its own investigation.

In related news, the now-infamous streetcar on which Sammy Yatim was shot and tasered by police will be back in service this week, and will retain the same serial number, 4058, as prior to the incident. The decision came, apparently, after the TTC’s chief executive officer, Andy Byford, spoke with a representative from Yatim’s family, though he wouldn’t elaborate on what their discussion entailed.