Extra, Extra: Band Fees, New Ferraris, and Carrie




Extra, Extra: Band Fees, New Ferraris, and Carrie

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.

  • The federal government has hiked some administrative fees that bars and restaurants have to pay in order to bring international touring musicians to Canada. The feds are saying that this will protect Canadian jobs (because playing music in bars was really lucrative, steady work before all these foreigners started showing up, obviously), but promoters are saying it will ruin the business.
  • We know you’ve been worried sick about that poor lawyer who, somewhat famously, had to abandon his $200 thousand Ferrari in the Simcoe Street underpass during July’s floods. Well, it seems Ferrari gave him a “very generous” deal on a new sports car. It’s a feel-good story, see, because without the philanthropy he might have needed to do something desperate, like downgrade to a Lexus.
  • The film crew responsible for shooting the new remake of Carrie basically destroyed and remodelled a Mississauga family’s home, and they couldn’t possibly be happier with the results.

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