Duly Quoted: Warren Kinsella




Duly Quoted: Warren Kinsella

“The video exists, and it has been seen by many, many Toronto defence lawyers, following Crown disclosure arising out of June’s Dixon Road ‘Project Traveller’ police raids.”

—Kinsella, a Liberal-party operative and political pundit, published a blog post last night claiming inside knowledge of a meeting between Toronto Star investigative reporter Kevin Donovan and James Lockyer, a prominent lawyer known for his work on behalf of people who have been wrongly convicted. At this meeting, according to Kinsella (who cites no sources, credible or otherwise), the two men supposedly discussed the fact that the infamous Rob Ford video—the one almost nobody has seen, but that reportedly appears to show the mayor smoking crack—is now making the rounds among Toronto attorneys. Pretty much the only way this could be true is if police seized the video during June’s Project Traveller gang raids. We already know for a fact that they arrested the guy who was trying to sell the video to media outlets.