Duly Quoted: Kory Teneycke




Duly Quoted: Kory Teneycke

“Clearly, we’re disappointed that we didn’t get [mandatory distribution], but there is a pretty significant silver lining around the arguments that they accepted.”

—Teneycke, the vice president of Sun News, made an appearance on his own network to talk about today’s CRTC decision, which denied Sun News what’s known as “mandatory distribution”—essentially a government-mandated place on every cable-enabled TV in Canada. There was some good news for Sun, though: the “silver lining” Teneycke is talking about is a set of newly proposed regulatory changes, released by the CRTC in response to some of Sun’s arguments about unfairness in the Canadian TV news market.

In the past, Sun executives have said that Sun News Network would be forced to shut down without the new revenue and viewers that come with mandatory distribution, but apparently the new plan is for the channel to stick it out until the CRTC can decide whether or not to implement these new licensing rules. The changes would favour Sun News in some ways. The CRTC is looking for public feedback on the proposal.