Weekend Newsstand: July 27, 2013
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Weekend Newsstand: July 27, 2013

Now that you've had a little snooze, we'll let you in on a bit of news (boom! Poem): David Price makes a homophobic remark, Jose Canseco provides the mayor with some helpful and succinct advice, Lake Ontario once again proves a difficult swim, a new contender for Liberal nomination, and Toronto Police may soon pay more attention to dooring.

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The seemingly scandal-prone David Price once again found himself in hot water, this time for uttering a homophobic slur to a City Hall reporter. According to the Toronto Star, which has been investigating Price’s unexplained absence from City Hall over the past few weeks, Price uttered a homophobic slur to CBC’s Jamie Strashin, the reporter who earlier broke the story about Price’s pseudonym-cloaked calls to the Ford brothers’ radio show, a misstep which got Price suspended from duty at City Hall just weeks before. While the reason for Price’s current absence remains unclear, the Star speculates that his less-than-civil interaction with Strashin could be to blame.

Speaking of people who are no strangers to scandal (or the spotlight), Las Vegas-based Jose Canseco has once again expressed an interest Toronto municipal politics, this time by providing the mayor with some helpful advice. What did the admitted steroid user have to say to the alleged crack user? Stop using drugs. Thanks, Jose, for always keeping a keen eye on Toronto and its politicians.

The five women who have been attempting to swim across Lake Ontario will not reach their goal. The group, who were raising funds for the Because I Am A Girl campaign, decided to shorten the swim after one of the women, the youngest of the group, got hypothermia. Previously, the 18-year-old had successfully swum the Lake Ontario crossing and English Channel.

The race for the Liberal nomination to replace Bob Rae in Toronto Centre is heating up as journalist Chrystia Freeland throws her hat in the ring, joining Todd Ross, a Toronto community organizer, and possibly Ontario MPP and provincial minister George Smitherman, who has expressed interest. Freeland, who writes about income disparity and the plight of the shrinking middle class, was personally tapped by like-minded Liberal leader Justin Trudeau as the Liberal Party aims to bring fresh insight to the economic team.

The frequency of “dooring,” a phrase Toronto bike riders know only too well, may soon be much more clear if the Toronto Police implement the Toronto Board of Health’s recommendation that police start tracking the number of cyclists hit by the opening door of a parked car. Since 2011, “dooring” is filed under the catch-all heading “collision,” without specifying the type of collision. Quick note to drivers: you may think you’re being helpful, but should this change go into effect, please don’t feel you have to go out of your way to prove the prevalence of this issue.