Newsstand: July 24, 2013




Newsstand: July 24, 2013

Happy hump day. In the news: The woman charged with assault after allegedly throwing juice in Mayor Rob Ford's face will next appear in court on September 9, Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti has doctor's orders to go light on council duties this summer, youth-oriented downtown churches are working to make Christianity hip, and the Canadian Jewish News is back, baby.

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The 27-year-old woman charged with assault for allegedly throwing a cup of juice (apparently it was juice!) at Mayor Rob Ford was not present at her first court hearing yesterday morning; her lawyer noted she’s trying to move on with her life. Her next court appearance is scheduled for September 9.

City councillor Giorgio Mammoliti (Ward 7, York West) says he’s planning to follow doctor’s orders and take it easy on his city council duties until September, after the supposed stress of City Hall triggered pressure in his head. Mammoliti is recovering from brain and sinus surgery, which he had in April.

The Toronto Star reports that a number of youth-oriented churches have set up shop in downtown Toronto, apparently in a move on the part of mainstream Christian faith groups to retain young followers. One, a youth-driven church near Kensington Market called Free Church Toronto, has a pastor known for citing ’90s hip-hop lyrics, blending them with Biblical verses.

The Toronto-based Canadian Jewish News, Canada’s only independent Jewish newspaper, is back. Or it will be. The paper, which ceased print publication on June 20 due to wilting advertising revenues, is set to resume print operations on August 1—the result of a successful online campaign to “Save the CJN.” The paper will apparently work to establish a better Web presence, to the confusion of Bubbies everywhere.