Vandalist: Just Breathe



Vandalist: Just Breathe

Let the art guide your way.

just breathe

BY: Unknown
LOCATION: West Toronto Railpath
PHOTOS BY: Vianney (Sam) Carriere
FIELD NOTES: We love the West Toronto Railpath. It’s a safe passage with a fun mix of natural, industrial, and urban features—and, despite cutting across some of Toronto’s busiest areas, it feels like an urban oasis. Recently, we’ve noticed a section where clean new hoardings and freshly whitewashed walls line both sides of the path. It’s quite the contrast from the vivacious and colourful surroundings that line the rest of the trail. This particular section makes the path feel claustrophobic, like it’s a dead zone in an area otherwise lush with life. As graffiti artists work their way onto these new canvases, at least one of them has some excellent advice for us: Just breathe.

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