Newsstand: June 5, 2013




Newsstand: June 5, 2013

Hello, today. You are the Wednesday of our dreams. In the news: a city surplus, boring under Eglinton, historical grass, what the weather will be like this summer, and Ford hires his radio producer.

illustration of a person walking across a slackline between a tree and a lamp post

Riding on increased revenue from the city’s land transfer tax, Toronto’s surplus from last year has hit $248 million. Another unexpected boon to Toronto’s bottom-line was, get this, the TTC. The commission was able to post finances showing an extra $41 million—numbers so thoroughly in the black because of lower fuel and electricity bills as well as an extra 11 million rides.

Today, two of a total four tunnel-boring machines are expected to launch into their journey deep below Eglinton Avenue. The machines will be digging the underground portion of the Crosstown LRT at a pace of 14 metres per day, with a completion date for the project set for 2020. There’s nothing boring about that.

City council will take it upon themselves to debate the value of turning a patch of grass at U of T into a patch of fake grass at U of T. More specifically, they will debate whether or not said grass has enough historic significance to receive a cultural heritage designation. If council decides that the field is indeed of significant cultural value, then the 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games will need to orchestrate a new venue for Pan Am field hockey and Parapan Am soccer. Council is set to vote on June 11, and U of T is set to start construction on July 1.

Get your umbrellas and modest clothing ready, because both Environment Canada and the Weather Network are predicting a wet and mild summer this year.

Lastly, Rob Ford has hired another new staff member: Dan Jacobs, the Ford brothers’ radio producer. Jacobs brings deep municipal experience (he worked as a lifeguard and aquatics instructor over a decade ago) and will probably be loads of fun around the office (he has owned a DJ company for 18 years). We can only hope that the aforementioned DJing means awesome entrance music whenever Ford struts into chambers.

CORRECTION: June 5, 2013, 8:55 AM This post originally referred to Toronto’s 2012 budget surplus as an “all-time high.” In fact, the City has had bigger surpluses in previous years.