Weekend Newsstand: May 25, 2013




Weekend Newsstand: May 25, 2013

Juice! Juice, please, Saturday. And then some news: the Ford family history with illegal drugs, Rob Ford denies allegations and ends no confusion, the elephants denied boarding, Metrolinx revenue tools unveiled, and a warning for Fast and Furious fans.

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Start your weekend off right with some light, festive reading, like this lengthy tale of the Ford’s family history with illegal drugs. The Globe and Mail, it seems, has been looking into the family’s background and came up with tales of Doug Ford allegedly being a major player in Etobicoke’s hashish scene in the ’80s. In fact, says the Globe, pretty much all the Ford siblings have alleged ties to the illegal drug trade.

After more than a week of relative silence, Mayor Rob Ford held a press conference yesterday and flatly denied allegations he’d smoked crack cocaine. Then he just resumed saying Rob Ford-esque things about taxpayers and working hard for the City and it was like none of that mess had ever happened. Except not, because a lot of councillors don’t know what to think any more. They are not alone.

Metrolinx is set to unveil their financing plans on Monday, but the Globe got a jump on them. The paper is reporting that a sales tax increase and a parking fee levy are the centrepieces of the plan to drum up money for transit expansion. They need to drum up $34 million with this plan. So, good luck.

The Toronto Zoo’s elephants are still in town, and it looks like they’ll be staying the summer. National Defence has turned down a request for transport planes to move the elephants to California. So see them in their wildly inappropriate home at a Canadian zoo while you still can!

And for those moviegoers not feeling too emotionally raw after seeing Fast and Furious 6 this weekend, for those that instead feel emboldened by Vin Diesel’s steely gaze and Paul Walker’s lightning hair, the police are actually warning people not to get ideas from the movie and start stunt driving around town. Got that, boys and girls? No imitating the driving from an elaborately choreographed movie. And no shaving your head and looking askance at cars and people, either.