Weekend Newsstand: May 11, 2013


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Weekend Newsstand: May 11, 2013

Not many a day comes along when we can eat duck-topped pancakes, so savour Saturday. In the news: Maple Leafs avoid the axe, your greatest elevator fears come true, new cycling facilities for City Hall, and some bad math.

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The Maple Leafs have staved off elimination and this city will live to see another day of streets flooded with blue and white fans and oh so very much yelling. The Leafs beat the Bruins 2-1 in Friday night’s Game 5. The next game is Sunday night in Toronto.

If you’re one of those people who can’t ride in an elevator without thinking of that horrific scene from Mission Impossible, stop reading. An elevator maintenance worker has been charged with mischief after tampering with the controls of the elevators in a high-rise near Kipling and Finch avenues. Due to his tampering, the elevators stopped working. Okay, so this isn’t really anywhere near as bad as getting your face squished by an elevator. But still.

City Hall will be getting a shower station for cyclists, even though the mayor thinks it’s a weird idea. The showers come along with change rooms and 380 bike parking spaces. Mayor Rob Ford was no fan of the plan, proposing instead that the City look into building a splash pad in Nathan Phillips Square, you know, for the kids.

And here’s a shocker: Mayor Ford’s boasting is not always entirely factually accurate. The mayor proudly proclaimed that by rejecting tolls or taxes to pay for transit, council had saved each household $1,000. But it turns out that math is pretty wrong. The actual number, if one were to try to estimate, is closer to $450.

And the subway is closed Saturday between Bloor and Union stations due to signal maintenance.