Newsstand: May 8, 2013




Newsstand: May 8, 2013

It is World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, so get out there and perform a large-scale humanitarian effort. In the news: Moving the gas plants was McGuinty’s idea, teacher out of classroom for posting adult sex-ed brochures, council decides to debate against the will of Ford, and the Scarborough Hospital is playing deep cuts on their recent tour.

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Turns out that it was McGuinty’s idea (according to McGuinty, now that he is no longer Premier) to move those gas plants from Mississauga and Oakville. Case closed. Now we can all stop worrying about the millions of dollars in lost money. Right, McGuinty?

Mathematics is an important part of any student experience. Most 13- and 14-year-olds, however, aren’t prepared to really get the full weight or context of advanced functions. For this reason, it is important that math be put in terms that they can understand. That said, those terms might not be best explained with the same diagrams intended for gay bars or bathhouses.

Despite RoFo’s hissy-fit-like objections (that’s how we picture them), Toronto City Council voted 27-to-13 in favour of debating a city manager’s report that Mayor Ford’s executive committee had previously decided to defer any consideration of. Debating other revenue tools, such as taxes or road tolls to help fund transit, of course does not mean implementing these things, but it does however (hopefully) mean people talking about pros and cons, looking at the issues, forming rational thoughts, and putting the best interests of constituents forward. Not debating issues usually means none of those thing.

The Scarborough Hospital is continuing a path of cuts to services and the most recent round is extending to nearly half a million dollars worth of diabetes education and palliative beds. To balance its budget, the hospital is currently looking for $19.6 million in savings. In addition to cutting services and enacting changes that will result in increased patient wait times, the hospital is in the process of eliminating nearly 200 positions.