Newsstand: May 20, 2013



Newsstand: May 20, 2013

Hope everyone's making the most of the holiday! In the news: A local actor discovers he was a hero in Serbia, and what's open (and not) today.

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This summer should be fairly average by Canadian standards, according to meteorologists at The summer won’t be as hot as last year’s, our warmest on record, but will still have warmer periods. And even an average summer these days is expected to be among Canada’s 10 hottest on record. What’s that about climate myths?

Brampton actor Rob Stewart probably didn’t expect that his early-90s role as Nick Slaughter on Global’s Tropical Heat would make him a star in Serbia under the rule of Slobodan Milošević. But it did.

And finally, a look at what’s open and closed across Toronto for the last day of the long weekend.


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