Extra, Extra: All Rob Ford, All the Time



Extra, Extra: All Rob Ford, All the Time

Every weekday’s end, we collect just about everything you ought to care about or ought not miss.


  • Mayor Rob Ford’s crack scandal continues to fascinate the world. Yesterday, the story made the New Yorker‘s website. The online-only article, by Adam Gopnik, compares Ford to Shakespeare’s Falstaff.
  • An apparently stoned Kevin Smith spends the last 20 minutes of his latest podcast talking about Mayor Ford’s predicament. (The relevant bit starts around 1:13.) [Via Jonathan Goldsbie]
  • Meanwhile, some state senator from South Carolina whose name happens to be Robert Ford had the misfortune of resigning this week, and now he’s international news because of the coincidence.
  • Toronto Life has noticed that Mayor Ford’s official Twitter account has been soldiering on, even as the scandal continues to unfold.
  • And finally, this isn’t Ford-related but: poor cabbie.

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