TTC Survey Says, Close Pape Station for 12 Straight Days




TTC Survey Says, Close Pape Station for 12 Straight Days

Using an online survey, the TTC had riders decide the fate of Pape Station's renovations.

A rendering of what Pape Station will look like, once construction there is finished. Image courtesy of the TTC.

A couple weeks ago, we told you about the TTC’s attempt to have riders decide whether Pape Station should be closed in order to facilitate renovations. Well, the online poll results are in, and it seems as though the majority of those who participated support the rip-off-the-band-aid approach.

According to a report that went before the TTC’s board earlier today, 52.3 per cent of almost 3,000 responses favoured closing the station for 12 straight days in order to speed up construction by about three months. The TTC estimates that it can have the bulk of the work done by September this way.

The online survey, which closed on April 17, presented respondents with two other options. One was to leave the station open throughout construction—a course of action the TTC estimates would have drawn out renovations until December. The final option was to close the station on six consecutive weekends, which would have allowed work to finish in September, but would also have spread the no-subway-service pain over a month and a half. The station has already been under construction for quite some time. The project started in 2009 and was originally supposed to be finished by spring 2012.

In the end, riders opted to get all the unpleasantness over in one go. TTC spokespeople have said the commission will honour the results of the survey. Exact scheduling details for the closure should be released within the next few weeks.